The 18 Most Instagrammable Spots In Vancouver

With towering glass buildings along the waterfront and a breath-taking mountain backdrop, Vancouver is an incredibly photogenic city. An urban playground on the edge of the wilderness, Vancouver is a photographer’s paradise. Here are 18 of the most instagrammable spots in Vancouver that you won’t want to miss.


How to explore the Canadian Rockies without a car

In May, my sister and I went on a 2 week trip to Banff and Jasper national parks. We decided not to hire a car due to costs and the fact that neither of us drive much anymore. Whilst having a car would have helped in some places, exploring the parks without one is actually easier than you’d expect. Here’s everything you need to know about getting around Banff and Jasper national parks without a car.


How to spend 4 days in Banff National Park

Words can’t really describe how beautiful Banff is or the sense of awe that you feel as you enter the park. We spent four days hiking and exploring Banff and every day we were left speechless at its natural beauty.


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